Adelaide Re-enacting & Military Society – Government in Exile

Adelaide Re-enacting & Military Society – Government in Exile

The Adelaide Military Reenactment Society (ARMS) – Government in Exile is a South Australian World War Two, Living History Group, which also has interests in World War One and Napoleonic periods. ARMS is a member club of the Australasian Living History Federation. This was the Official ARMS website, but is now is the Government in Exile site.



ARMS has a monthly meeting, typically at the South Australian German Club, but sometimes at members homes. This is usually to check on uniform authenticity prior to an event.

ARMS exists to explore the theme of WW2 history. As a group our members portray soldiers from the Western Front (ETO), Eastern Front (Ostfront) & North Africa. As a secondary function we also do World War One & Napoleonics.


ARMS is an invitation only group. This means that those who wish to join will need to be formally invited to join.


ARMS intermittently runs WW2 events, otherwise ARMS members attend events organised by other groups both in South Australia & interstate.


ARMS does not support, in any way, those who would condone or embrace individuals, groups and/or organizations that are intolerant, racist or violent. We do not support or endorse those that use the theme of WWII, or other periods, history to further their own political agenda.

If you do not agree with the above statement, then you will not be welcomed in the world of Living History.

Contacting Us

If you are interested in WW2, WW1 or Napoleonic reenacting, or wish to invite us to an event, please e-mail,

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