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History of the 26th Replacement Group Living History Group

The 26th Replacement Group Living History Group was founded in 2012 as an Adelaide based Living History Group.  At this time the group was known as the Commemorative Military Re-enactment Group (CMRG). It was essentially a splinter group of current and former members of Re-enact SA, and maintains cordial relations with that group. The group’s primary focus has been on Second World War Living History, particularly the Eastern front (Ost front). However as time has passed, the group has also added World War One, the Napoleonic Wars and the American Civil War, as secondary focuses for the club. However the history of the Second World War remains the group’s primary focus.

In 2014 the group renamed itself, becoming the Adelaide Re-enacting & Military Society (ARMS). Under this name the group ran two highly successful WW2 Ost-front events at Old Tailem Town. The acclaimed “Capture of Berlin” (2015), and “Crimea” (2016) events.

Sadly, at this stage, some issues arose of intolerant behaviour, bullying and misconduct that caused disharmony within the group. This disharmonious element, after a series of Machiavellian efforts to seize control of the group, ultimately took the ARMS name, and went off to form their own group.

Following this the club reformed under the name 26th Replacement Group (26th Ersatz Gruppe), and returned to it’s focus on conducting Living History in an atmosphere of camaraderie.

Basic Structure

The group attempts monthly meetings at the SA German Club, however member work commitments sometimes mean that meetings occur every two months. Also, occasionally, meetings occur at members’ homes. This is usually for planning purposes, or uniform nights to check on member impressions.


The 26th Replacement Group Living History Group has a simple structure. There is only one Office Bearer position. This is the Group Admin Officer. The Group Admin has no executive powers, and simply performs the role of acting as a point of contact for other clubs and the public, and of course, doing such administration work as required. Otherwise The 26th uses a straightforward democratic model, wherein all issues are decided by the club membership. This can result in temporary positions or portfolios being created for specific purposes – such as when running a Living History event. However once the specific task that the position/portfolio was created for has been accomplished the position/portfolio ends. It should be noted that the 26th does create special technical positions for members with special skills, such as Armorer. These are technical appointments, bestowed by the whole club to acknowledge special skills, and have authority only where it relates to their special knowledge.

The 26th Replacement Group Living History Group is an invitation only group. This means that if you wish to join the 26th, you need to attend some meetings, get to know people, and if we enjoy your company, an invitation can be extended.


  1. Objectives

The group is a social group of re-enactors who intend to meet once a month for Dinner, drinks and discussion of all topics related to military history.  The Objectives of the Group shall be to portray Living History for the World War 2, World War 1, American Civil War, and Napoleonic periods at both public and private events held by other groups throughout Australia.  Whilst the group has not been formed to hold or run events ourselves, we may from time to time assist other clubs in their running of events or hold private members only activity’s in the form of Military range shoots or short “living history” camps/tactical days.

Intolerant Ideologies

The Living History Group does not support, in any way, those who would condone or embrace individuals, groups and/or organizations that are intolerant, racist or violent. We do not support or endorse those that use the theme of WWII, or other periods, history to further their own political agenda.

  1. Decision Making

All decisions on behalf of the group are by a simple majority. Polls via e-mail or other electronic forms are acceptable.  No decision will be acted upon until ALL members have had the opportunity to view and voice their opinions.  Any decision made outside of these rules will be considered void and non-binding.  Voting rights are only given to members after a full 2 years membership, but they will still have the right to be informed of all decisions and voice their opinions.

  1. Recruiting

New members are by invite only and be sponsored by at least three members (with full voting rights).  They may be added to the group by simple majority vote. All members must be informed of the vote at least 1 week prior to the vote.

  1. Expulsions

Founding members will be given “life membership”.  The only way this can be removed, is if the member is convicted of a crime under Australian criminal law.  Non founding members can be expelled by majority vote of members who have full voting rights. The expulsion must conform to the Laws of Natural Justice.

  1. Fees

Fees shall be yearly, and will be exclusively used to cover ALHF costs.  No other fee’s or fines of any kind will be introduced without 100% vote of all members with voting rights.


  1. Office Bearer

There shall be an Administration Officer. This position shall be filled, from time to time, by simple majority vote of the members who hold voting rights. The Admin Officer shall have no Executive Powers and exists to hand routine club Administration.  All correspondence (either in or out) shall be passed onto all members for perusal and decision making (if relevant).  Only after all members have seen all documents and be given the chance to comment, can the Admin officer communicate any official decisions made by the group.  The Admin officer can however reply to enquiry’s or questions to the group in regard to decisions which have already been made previously by all voting members (such as our rules for instance-just an example), and to acknowledge the receipt of communications from outside our group, and letting others know that we will consider the contents of their enquiry’s.

Changes to the Rules

These rules may be changed by simple majority vote of full members with voting rights. All members (wether full members, or non-voting members must be notified of the vote at least one week prior to the vote.

  1. Safety

A safety document exists and will be given to all members prior to attending any event as a member of this said group.

26th Division Living History Group is a member Group of the


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