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Catering/Prop AAR – OTT 2015

Catering Officer/Prop Master Post Action Report

Old Tailem Town,  2nd May 2015


  1. Overview


This PAR is from the expenses perspective of the Catering Officer/Prop Master. It is focussed on estimating overall expenses incurred in these roles. Not all expenses listed are exact, and the figures here do not reflect the exact cost of all items/expenses. In many cases expenses have been rounded down.  This PAR is intended to be read in conjunction with the reports of the Officer In Charge and the Safety Officer/Quartermaster.


  1. Catering Expenses


Eggs: $20

Flour: $12

Baked beans: $41

Spam: $48

Bockwurst sausages: $180

Sauerkraut: $52

Borscht: $76

Bread & rolls: $64

Condiments: $58

Bacon bits: $25

Onions: $7

Sour Cream: $36

Chives: $24

Cooking Oil: $2

Ice: $30

Cake, Dignitaries: $16

Cake: $30


Total Foodstuffs Expenses: $721


In addition a supply of Coca-Cola bottles was brought along for sale to participants at a cost of $1 each. 76 were brought. 38 were sold. It is assumed that 15 were consumed by volunteers/staff. That leaves 23 that were either consumed by the band or not paid for. Actual purchase price of the Coca-Cola was approximately $1.25, however the catering Officer intentionally absorbed this expense to encourage a happy atmosphere, and this is not reflected in the figures listed here.


2.1 Coca-Cola loss: $23


In order to feed the band , dignitaries, volunteers & re-enactors who brought along no mess kit, the following items were purchased.


Paper plates & cutlery: $28

Tongs: $3

Fry pan: $9

Dishwashing liquid: $4

Tea Towels: $6

Scourer: $3

Napkins: $3


Total: $56


Grand Total: $800

Total Camp Fees Collected: $770

Less Landowner Fees of $504: $266


Total Loss: $534


2.2   Catering Notes:


–          Disposable plates and cutlery were purchased for use by the band & volunteers, as OTT had requested that we avoid using their plates & cutlery. Several re-enactors attended without mess kit, and had to be supplied. Dignitaries also had to be supplied plates & cutlery.

–          Six re-enactors cancelled/failed to attend after foodstuffs were purchased, and a seventh committed to attend then never responded. This left the catering budget short $91.

–          It was necessary to make provision to feed 13 band members. It was necessary to make provision to feed 6 volunteers.

–          As it turned out we fed 14 band members. 3 Landowners party. 3 Volunteers. 2 Re-enactor & wife (non-paying), 2 children attached to volunteer. In all 24 non-fee paying persons catered for Saturday night. 22 fee paying re-enactors were catered for at each meal.

–          There was additional bread provided at no charge by the bakery that David ordered bread from. There was also a supply of free bread brought by Richard,  donated by a local bakery.

–          Approximate Friday dinner cost was $205.27.

–          Approximate Saturday breakfast cost was $158.27.

–          Approximate Saturday dinner cost was $397.27.

–          24 sets of rations issued Friday night. Average cost $8.55 per person.

–          24 sets of rations issued Saturday morning. Average cost $6.59 per person.

–          47 sets of rations issued Saturday night. Average cost $8.45 per person.

–          In all 95 sets of rations were issued during the course of the event.

–          There was an oversupply of sour cream & condiments. This was as a result of the catering officer’s lack of experience in supplying these items to a large group.

–          Thanks to the various people who volunteered to assist as a kitchen hand.

–          Three eskis were used for fresh ration transportation. Two were supplied by David, and one extra-large one was supplied by Richard.

  1. Prop Expenses


–          Propaganda Posters: $60

–          Police sign: $35

–          Railway sign: $25

–          Party sign: $35

–          French Flag: $11

–          Soviet flags: $22

–          Flag pole bases x3: $138

–          Soviet Finial’s x3: $90

–          Soviet banner: $80

–          Soviet Victory Banner: $50

–          Nazi banners x2: $100

–          Nazi Flags x5: $140

–          Poles x3: $60

–          Diplomas: $20

–          50th anniversary medals: $58

–          Capture of Berlin Medals: $282

–          German Awards: $130

–          Pins, clips, string: $10


Total: $1346


3.1 Prop Notes:


–          I already had a large supply of Allied & Axis propaganda posters left over from my 40th birthday. These were brought along to decorate the Mess, and dress the town.

–          I already had a supply of several suitable flags that were brought along for use.

–          A request for people to bring along any WW2 German flags that they had to be used as props did not result in any additional flags being brought.

–          Two Capture of Berlin medals were taken from the supply without consultation. They have not been paid for.

–          There were 12 German re-enactors who were supposed to get 1 award each. The German commander elected to give one re-enactor 2 medals without consultation.

–          The Party, Police & Railways signs each took a few days to draw up and paint.

–          At least one propaganda poster was souvenired by re-enactors.

–          The majority of props were transported to Old Tailem Town in Richards trailer, in order to leave sufficient room in David’s car for rations.


  1. Loaner Kit


–          Canteen x2: $40

–          Cap x3: $57

–          Cap stars: $8.50

–          Belts x3: $90

–          Helmet: $50

–          Nagant pouch: $25

–          Grenade pouch: $25


Total: $295.50


4.1 Loaner Kit Notes:


–          Additional loaner kit items were purchased, but have since been on sold.

–          Additional loaner kit items were loaned out that are not reflected here as purchase pre-dated the event.

–          Two firearms were made available for loan, at least one was loaned out.


  1. Expenses Summary:


Catering: $534

Props: $1346

Loaner: $295.50


Grand Total: $2175.50


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